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Research & development

Hello! New supplementary tutorial is up – Introduction to blending modes

Why research? Well, I’m doing some research for my future-coming general tutorials as well as getting acquainted with free graphics software. I’d like to make the tutorials more accessible, I’m struggling a bit with lack of many features, but I’ve barely started. Remember that limitations keep creativity up! ;)

For the development part, Monstro: Battle Tactics has a new site, with a release countdown, and will serve as an information site and a source of download/purchase. This is a first large indie release I’ve took part in, so I’m thrilled! Be sure to check out the game once it’s out!

I’m also working on a map release for Duke Nukem 3d, I’m aiming to release in January (hopefully early, as a New Year’s release ;)). I’ve already broken the old limits, so the map will require Eduke32, it should also work with the recent Megaton Edition. I’m not Gambini or Pascal, so don’t expect anything revolutionary, but it should be decent enough. Duke aside, I plan on reorganizing the tutorials as post instead of pages and the menu as well, so I guess this counts as development too!

Most likely I’ll be too busy (or lazy) for a separate new year’s eve post, so have it now: Happy new year! I hope it will be full of creativity, accomplishments and joy, both for you and me! Have a map shot as well, cheers!


New tutorial – Water animation pt. 2 – After Effects

Hey guys, new tutorial is now online!

This is the alternative take on the water animation tutorial and a brief introduction to the workings of Adobe’s After Effects – it’s a useful tool for animated textures and effect sprites.

Also a little site news – the update schedule I’ve decided is a little too tight with the free time available I have, so I’ve decided just to make an update every weekend (Just like it turned out so far) – either tutorials or other articles. Hope you don’t mind – the tutorials require more time than I thought, so a little article about game dev or graphical inspiration should give me a little breather. Have a nice week!

EDIT: as a totally absent minded guy, I forgot about the example files to accompany both tutorials. :P They’re available now!

New tutorial – Colorizing and remapping with gradient maps

New tutorial is up, you can read it here, I’ve also added an extra section to the conversion tutorial posted previously.

New tutorials and update schedule

Hello everybody! First of all, there are two new tutorials available:

The second one was requested by ItsNatureToDie of Zdoom Forums, who also sent me his Doom-palette recolors of my water texture – I’ve placed it in the resource section, thanks! The tutorial is complete, the second part will cover the same process, but in AfterEffects, which is a lot more effective for this kind of work.

I’ve also decided to keep an update schedule (At least I’ll try :P) – tutorials will be posted on weekends, while any other posts during the week. This should help me organize my time and give you an idea when you should check the site for an update. There’s also the RSS option if you use it.

Once again, please comment, especially if you’d like to add something to the tutorials. Cheers!

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