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Monstro release date!

Monstro on Steam on December 3rd!

Hello everone! This is pretty big news for me – we’ve scheduled the release date for our puzzle-tactical game, Monstro: Battle Tactics. This is the project I’m working on together with Maurycy Zarzycki (who is my best friend and the coding wizard and main designer of the game) as We’re coming to Steam on December 3rd, this is our first game on Steam so I’m sure you know how excited we are. :) We are going to launch a new trailer soon as well. If you don’t wan’t to miss anything to best idea to follow us on Twitter @CagesCorner and @RetrocadeNet. Cheers folks, I’m back to work since there’s still a lot to do!


No wonder I hid the Manticore’s paws behind the logo…

Learning something, increasing your skill takes time and sometimes feels like a struggle – there are moments when you just don’t feel you’re getting better. Usually, for most people, progress comes in increments or at least feels that way – long peroid of working and then those short nice moments of “Oh hey, I’m suddenly better at this!” ;) If you wanted to visualize this somehow you could imagine it as an slowly ascending staircase.

What you can do, to check how are you doing, is to just dig up some of your old artwork and simply re-do it. I have to admit, I didn’t attempt to do that it until now. Since we’re preparing Monstro for it’s release, as part of the improvements on the game, I’ve decided to redraw the artworks for the monsters. Here’s a before-after – there’s a 1,5 year gap between those IIRC. I think I’ve really improved a lot and it really feel like the practice wasn’t wasted time – hopefully this comparison will inspire and motivate you to keep going on your journey as well! ;)

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Research & development

Hello! New supplementary tutorial is up – Introduction to blending modes

Why research? Well, I’m doing some research for my future-coming general tutorials as well as getting acquainted with free graphics software. I’d like to make the tutorials more accessible, I’m struggling a bit with lack of many features, but I’ve barely started. Remember that limitations keep creativity up! ;)

For the development part, Monstro: Battle Tactics has a new site, with a release countdown, and will serve as an information site and a source of download/purchase. This is a first large indie release I’ve took part in, so I’m thrilled! Be sure to check out the game once it’s out!

I’m also working on a map release for Duke Nukem 3d, I’m aiming to release in January (hopefully early, as a New Year’s release ;)). I’ve already broken the old limits, so the map will require Eduke32, it should also work with the recent Megaton Edition. I’m not Gambini or Pascal, so don’t expect anything revolutionary, but it should be decent enough. Duke aside, I plan on reorganizing the tutorials as post instead of pages and the menu as well, so I guess this counts as development too!

Most likely I’ll be too busy (or lazy) for a separate new year’s eve post, so have it now: Happy new year! I hope it will be full of creativity, accomplishments and joy, both for you and me! Have a map shot as well, cheers!



Hey guys! During the holiday season, one is usually more-or-less off work (less if you’re freelance), so it’s a great time to… Finally work on some projects. ;) As for commercial indie efforts, I’ve recently started a lot of animated pixel art stuff for the next installment of Kulkis serie.

Also, Monstro: Battle Tactics is almost finished – it’s currently in the testing phase, we’ve recently added finishing touches like the intro/outro voice overs. As soon as the testing is finished and all bugs are rooted out, the game will be available to play and/or buy! ;) Monstro is a tactical game much like Final Fantasy Tactics, or Front Mission, except without RPG elements and any randomness in the results of your actions, which lends to game’s more logical character. I’ve made all the graphics, including the pixel art tiles and sprites, as well as digitally painted stuff and watercolor illustrations.

Despite officially being on hiatus, I’m doing my best to push Supplice further graphically when I can. We’ve got few themes covered, but there’s still plenty to be done. ;) Mechadon & Jimmy assembled a little set of DM maps to showcase our texture themes, you can take a look at it here!

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