Champagne and fanfares!

Hey, looks like this site has been opened! I welcome all old shooter nerds, artists, gamers, and everybody else! :) Cage’s Corner is my new site, which will focus on art (especially more or less retro game art), my projects, and will also serve as my gfx-oriented blog. I hope all this will be a worthwhile read! There are only few tutorials present at the moment, but my mind is full of topics for future updates! Besides the tutorials, I hope to post some time-lapse videos of me working in the future.

Big thanks go to TerminX for hosting the site on and helping me set everything up. I’m eager to hear your opinions about the site, ideas, and suggestions what topics I should cover in my posts and tutorials. Thanks for reading and I hope you’ll enjoy your stay.


New tutorials and update schedule


  1. Cage

    Please comment to give your input. I’m having some spam troubles so the comments are moderated at the moment – they may not appear immediately. Sorry for inconvenience.

  2. Heyo Cage! Good job on getting this up, it looks great :D

    Speaking of spambots, I assume you have a version of Akismet running? That works well to keep the spam comments from appearing, but it doesn’t keep the bots from registering. What I did with my blog was I just disabled account registration because it became a massive pain to keep up with them.

    I can’t remember my exact settings though to be honest. If you fiddle around with the commenting and account registration options, I think you can keep the spamming under control.

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